Wild 5 Poker

Table Games Wild 5 Poker features heads-up play against the dealer & the optional Wild 5 side bet. This game gives you several advantages:

  • There is one Joker in the deck which is completely wild!
  • You can bet up to three times your Ante if you decide to play.
  • You have the option to discard one card from your original five cards & use the two community cards to complete your five card poker hand.
  • The Wild 5 Bonus side bet pays odds if your original five-card hand is Two Pair or better.

    Make equal bets on the Ante & Bonus circles. You may also make the Wild 5 Bonus side bet. You will then receive five cards.

    If you decide to Play you hand, you may either play your original five cards or discard one card & use the community cards to make the best five card hand. Then place a wager ranging from 1X-3X your Ante bet on the Play circle. If you decide to fold, you will forfeit all current wagers, including your Wild 5 Bonus & wait for the next hand.

    The Dealer needs a pair to qualify. When the dealer doesn't qualify, your Ante will push & be returned. All other wagers will receive action.

    Once the dealer reveals their hand & the two community cards, they will start comparing their hand vs the players. If your hand ranks higher, your Play & Ante bets will be paid even money. The Bonus bet will win if you have a straight or better, otherwise it will push. If your hand ties the dealer's hand, the Play, Ante & Bonus bets will all push. If your hand ranks lower than the dealer's hand, you will lose your Play, Ante & Bonus wagers. The Wild 5 Bonus is not dependent on whether you win or lose the hand & will pay or lose according to the pay table.
  • Disclaimer

    See Table Games for complete rules and details.