Steak and Shrimp Dinner

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The Angry Butcher Steak & Shrimp Dinner
8oz butchers steak and three jumbo tempura shrimp served with chefs fresh vegetable selection and roasted herbed fingerling potatoes

While Surf and turf elements pair amazingly well with one another, they sit opposite each other on the scales of both flavor and texture, which makes wine pairing a little complicated. 

Dry, heavy-bodied red wines are the go-to for serving red meat, as their bold flavors and relatively high tannins give them the strength they need to stand up to weightier dishes which center beef. 

Seafood, on the other hand, usually wants something lighter, sweeter, and more acidic as its pair: light bodied whites are less likely to overwhelm the delicate and nuanced notes carried by seafaring fare. Finding a middle ground to match either aspect of the dish is no easy feat. 

While not all red wines are ideal for red meat, it’s difficult to find one which is just plain incompatible. So, finding a red wine that pairs well with seafood is a good place to start. Pinot Noirs, light-bodied reds that have distinctive but not overwhelming flavors, are a safe bet. Strong whites, too, such as a good Champagne, have the power to chew the fat offered by beef while also uplifting the subtleties of your seafood. 

When all else fails, don’t be afraid to have one white and one red at your table for good measure!


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