Gatsby's Salon Massages

Four Great Options to Choose From!
Gatsby's Salon Swedish Massage: Put away life’s cares & surrender to the healing power of massage. Based on Swedish modalities & customized to your needs, this massage will re-balance your body as stresses & tensions are released from both body & mind.

Deep Tissue: Specifically targeted to your tension areas this massage will penetrate to engage & release deep-seated soreness. Utilizing a wider range of techniques to relieve pain & restore range of motion. This treatment will return you to your normal state of well being.

Hot Stone: Our hot stone massage will connect to the natural energies of the earth as our heated stones are used in combination with massage. Deep penetrating heat will ease tight muscles & restore blood flow as the therapeutic work that follows releases pent up toxins restoring muscle health and your body’s natural balance.

Tai Fusion: Our Tai Fusion massage is a combination of stretches and massage that will lead to total muscle relaxation. This massage is perfect for increasing flexibility, and releasing toxins from the body. Let our therapist bring your mind and body back into total balance & harmony.


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