Shoot to Win Craps

Odds are you'll love it!
Table Games If you’ve ever wanted to play craps for yourself, but couldn’t quite muster the courage to put chips down on a real table, Shoot to Win Craps provides the perfect entry point.

When you play Shoot to Win Craps, you won’t have to worry about anybody else at the table sizing you up and pegging you as a rookie.

That means no dirty looks if you decide to dance with the “dark side,” a colloquial craps term used to describe Don’t Pass Line bettors. Similarly, when you want to splash around on some of the more longshot exotic wagers like the Any Craps, Hard Way, or Yo-Leven, you can feel free to indulge yourself without receiving a lecture from more conservative players.

And for pure beginners who are simply trying to learn the rules and basic gameplay, Shoot to Win Craps uses a convenient touchscreen input to make the betting layout easy to read and navigate.