Lobster Chowder

Warm and Comforting Start to Your Meal
The Angry Butcher Made with fresh lobster, salty bacon, roasted corn and fingerling potatoes the creamy lobster chowder at The Angry Butcher Steakhouse is the ultimate comfort food.

So, What is Chowder?
The question of what exactly defines a ‘chowder’ is such a hot-button issue for certain people that we’re tempted to plead the fifth. Although it’s a word that usually connotes a seafood stew of some sort, chowder ingredients can vary widely from region to region—a creamless, tomato-y cioppino-esque broth in New York, or a rich, thick, cream-based one in New England. The word ‘chowder’ itself is likely a derivative of a French word “chaudiere”, used by French settlers in the coastal regions of Canada in reference to a certain type of large pot used to boil (among other things) fresh shellfish.

In his infamous book, American Cookery, James Beard asserts that, in part because of the common inclusion of new world ingredients like corn and potatoes, “I am sure that chowder as it is known today did not originate before the nineteenth century.” With origins as opaque as a bowl of chowder itself, we’ll just say that chowder is (usually) a creamy, potato-y, seafood stew and it’s delicious—on that point, at least, we can all agree.


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