Creekstone Farms Prime Beef

New featured steak!
The Angry Butcher Our Chef's went to great lengths examining the most exceptional options to provide you when it comes to USDA Prime Beef and chose Creekstone Farms as the winner.

Their Premium Black Angus Beef program is one of few certified by the USDA and the cattle are hand-selected to best represent Black Angus genetics. Only 1% of Black Angus cattle meet this requirement. The cattle live a beautiful life grazing in the Midwest and are finished with a top-quality corn-based feed to ensure exceptional marbling, flavor and consistent tenderness.

The Creekstone 16oz, 30-day dry-aged Prime NY Strip is a perfect steak for someone looking to strike a balance between tenderness and marbling. Not as heavy as a Ribeye yet more marbled/flavorful than a Filet Mignon, this NY Strip is sure to please.

Available for a limited time at The Angry BUtcher Steakhouse! Ask your server about it today!


Available for a limited time