Betting Baseball Overview

Race & Sports Book Have you ever wanted to place a bet on America's pastime but didn't know where to begin? Sam's Town is here to help! Listed below are some common bets and popular strategies.

Common Bets
Moneyline - Betting which team will win the game outright
Over/Under - Betting the total number of runs scored by both teams in the game. The Sports Book sets a total and you pick whether you think the total runs scored will be over or under this amount.
Series Bets - A bet where you pick the winner of a series
Parlay Bets - A single bet that links together to or more individual wagers. In order to win a parlay bet, you have to win each individual bet on the ticket.
Proposition Bets - A type of specialty bet. Examples include who will win the Cy Young, how many strikeouts will there be in a game etc.

Popular examples of baseball betting strategies include:
  • Examining the odds
  • Knowing the umpires
  • Examining the lineup
  • Starting pitcher data
  • Looking at the weather/Ballpark info


For entertainment purposes only. Bet at your own risk. See Race and Sports Book for complete details and rules.