Beginner's Guide To Bingo

We "Coverall" of The Info You Need!
Bingo Room Are you new to bingo or was the last you played in grade school when candy was the prize for winning?
No worries because Sam's Town is here with a quick overview!

How To Play
Bingo involves trying to cover a specific pattern of numbers before anyone else in your session is able to. Numbers are randomly dispensed from a generator. You can either use a electronic machine or paper packs. Casino bingo sessions usually last approximately an hour and typically involve a variety of several different games. Last but not least, if you get the specified pattern make sure to yell "BINGO!"

Electronic vs Paper:
Electronic Machine- will automatically daub numbers for you
Paper Cards - player will have to keep track of numbers called using a dauber

Common Bingo Terms:
Coverall - Pattern in which every space on bingo card has to be filled
Dauber - Ink-filled bottle that is used to mark numbers
Buy-in - Purchasing bingo cards
Progressive Jackpot - Jackpot that gets bigger until it is won

Popular Bingo Patterns:
  • Diagonal
  • Letter X
  • Straight Line Down
  • Postage Stamp
  • Six Pack
  • Block of Nine
  • Coverall


For entertainment purposes only. Bet at your own risk. See Bingo Room for complete details and rules.