Turf Club

Join the Turf Club by Using Your Boyd Rewards Card!
Earn Points for all Pari-Mutuel Race Wagers - Redeem Points for Comp and Special Room Rates, Complimentary Meals, and More!

Turf Club Rules
  1. See a supervisor to link your Boyd Rewards Card with the Turf Club.
  2. When you sign up please fill out name, address (in full), and birth date. All other information is optional.
  3. You must present your Boyd Rewards / Turf Club card to the writer before you place your wagers to get credit for your play.
  4. Credit for play and points will not be tallied if Boyd Rewards / Turf Club card is not used when wagering.
  5. Every $12.00 (dollar) pari-mutuel wager equals one Turf Club point.
  6. Please see a Race Book Supervisor when you would like to redeem points, or if you have a telephone wagering account please call 702-365-7420.
  7. Turf Club points are redeemable for 1 year from the day they are recorded.
  8. As a member of Turf Club, all members agree that Boyd Gaming reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time. Boyd Gaming management will handle all claims and/or disputes in the fairest manner possible, and as a condition of membership, I agree that all Boyd Gaming decisions are final and binding.
  9. Boyd Gaming reserves the right to run special promotions that may change the rule that a $12 pari-mutuel wager equals one Turf Club point.
  10. Membership may be denied or canceled at any time.
  11. Management reserves the right to refuse any wagers.